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We have an extensive variety of properties to let in and around Southampton, and over eighty years of experience in the local market place.

Our team at Manns & Manns letting agents in Bursledon, Southampton will apply their knowledge and professionalism to ensure the process of moving is as stress free as possible for you.

Our services:

  • Comprehensive registration of your details to help you find a property that suits your requirements, within your budget.
  • Professionally arranged cleaning services before occupation of property
  • Arrangement of gas safety checks and certificates
  • Deposits protected by the deposit protection service under our management service
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Prompt response to any repairs or emergencies under our management service
  • Liaising with utility companies, ensuring smooth transition
  • 6 or 12 month assured shorthold tenanciesv
  • Company lets

You have seen your perfect home online or from our marketing. What do you do next……

Prospective tenants should contact our offices to arrange a viewing via email or telephone. One of our representatives will contact the relevant tenant or vendor, then liaise between you and them to arrange a convenient time. Although we do try to arrange viewings within twenty four hours, please understand we are occasionally reliant on other people’s timescales, especially when a property is still tenanted.

Our general opening hours are shown on our general opening hour’s page.

When you contact us, please be prepared that we will ask you several questions. For example, you will need to tell us if you smoke, have pets, receive housing benefit or have children. We will also ask when you wish to move by and explain to you the length of the tenancy the Landlord is looking for. This is normally 6 or 12 months on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. Please note Manns and Manns do not provide property for HMO purposes ( Housing of Multiple Occupancy).

Once you have seen the property and you would like to rent it. You can then make an offer to one of our agents, via email or telephone. We will discuss moving time scales and other relevant information with you so we can liaise with the landlord to hopefully agree a let for you. The following information is to guide you through the process and explain fully our terms of business so you are fully informed and feel confident with the decision to rent your next home. Should you need any further information please contact us directly.

Rent and Holding Deposit

Below is an example of the rent and deposits to expect before moving (property let at £800.00pcm):

1. Holding Deposit ( Equal to one weeks rent) £200.00 – Payable by tenants before tenancy commences
2. First Month Rent ( payable in advance) £800.00
3. Security Deposit ( Equal to 5 weeks rent) £1,000
Balance in total to pay £1,800
Holding Deposit Deduction which has been paid on account before the tenancy has commenced. -£200.00
Balance to pay by tenant (s) due to the agent no later than 48 hours before the agreed moving date. £1,600

The Holding Deposit Terms

The holding deposit is due at the time of completing referencing and the initial application process. We will provide you with the tenancy agreement and deposit protection information before asking you to pay this.

We will advertise the property as let agreed (stop marketing the property), once the landlord has agreed to commence with the proposed tenancy and Manns and Manns have received your holding deposit.

Please note that the holding deposit is only refundable in the event that the landlord (s) /lady (s) withdraws from the proposed tenancy you have agreed to. If the tenant (s) withdraws before the agreed moving day, the tenant (s) holding deposit will be forfeited to the agent. This is to ensure that the agent can cover a proportion of the costs and losses caused to the landlord (s)

The typical time given when you reserve a property is 14 days, unless otherwise specified on the agreed reservation agreement. Therefore if you fail to go ahead with the tenancy by day 15, or the day after the date specified, the deposit will be distributed to the agent and landlord accordingly.

The holding deposit will be deducted from the security deposit, so your balance to pay would be minus, that amount before you move into a property. We do fully present the rent and deposit’s due on your reservation agreement, which is given to you to check and sign, before we ask for any payments.

The Security Deposit:

This is a standard requirement for any of our tenancies. Typically we will request an amount equal to 5 weeks rent from the tenant (s) before the tenancy starts, as security towards any damage, cleaning or general maintenance that the tenant is responsible for at the end of the tenancy.

At the end of your tenancy the Landlord/Agent can deduct from your security deposit, should there be any discrepancies with the condition of the property when you moved in, via the custodial scheme of the Deposit Protection Service. Your deposit will be held for the duration of the tenancy with the Deposit protection Service when the property is managed by Manns and Manns. More information can be found by visiting www.depositprotection.com.

Please CLICK HERE for the tenant guide within the Deposit Protection Service to understand more. The security deposit is due at least 48 hours before moving in, we will also provide you with the terms of business/guidance from the Deposit Protection Service and ask you to complete the relevant forms before any tenancy commences.

From time to time, our clients use our tenant find only service. This means your deposit may be registered with a scheme or insurance company that is different to the deposit protection service. In this event we will make you aware who the company is, so you can monitor that your deposit is being dealt with appropriately. The landlord (s) under the tenant find only service is responsible for registering your deposit and providing you with the appropriate information.

Tenant Referencing

This is carried out by our chosen referencing firm. Which in general but not limited to includes identity checks, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers and landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability. You will be asked to complete our referencing before we can withdraw the property from the market.

We will ask you to produce identification to Manns and Manns, which can either be your passport or the photo part of your driver’s license.

Manns and Manns will then ask you for proof of your current address. This can be a utility bill such as a Council Tax bill.

Reservation Agreement (what is this?)

The reservation agreement is provided to you, once the landlord (s) has agreed to your proposed tenancy. This is the agreement between you ‘the tenant’ (s), Manns and Manns and the landlord that you have agreed to go ahead with the tenancy on the stated dates, the amounts payable, agreed to the terms within it and when payments for rent and deposits are due.

General Information & Guidance

Before moving into your new home, we will meet with you in our offices, where you will be asked to sign your tenancy agreement and all relevant paperwork for your new home. Please note that if you have a guarantor they will also need to sign in our offices, prior to you moving into a property. A representative from Manns and Manns will go to the property with you. You will be asked to check, sign and date the prepared inventory and meter readings. We also provide you with keys, which must all be returned at the end of the tenancy.

Manns and Manns will contact all the relevant utility companies for you and notify them of your tenancy and relevant moving dates when the property is managed by us. In the event you have not received any correspondence from a utility company within the first week of moving in. Please contact our offices and make us aware immediately. Utility companies typically write to you directly at the address you have rented, explaining their charges and terms. You have the right to change utility supplier, however you are liable to pay suppliers that are in place from the start of your tenancy, if you have not arranged an alternative supplier before you move in. Please ensure you make our agency aware of any changes. Lettings@mannsandmanns.co.uk

During the tenancy you will be required to pay the rent monthly in advance, normally two days prior to due date. Therefore it is advisable to set up the payment date with your bank 2 days before. Eg. If your rent is due on the 1st, set the standing order for 29th/30th of the month.

Gas, Electric, water, Council Tax, Telephone, Internet & TV. During your tenancy you must notify Manns and Manns or the landlord ( when the agent is not managing the property), if you decide to move to a different utility company in writing (Email is fine).

After Hours, Gas Emergency & General Maintenance

During your tenancy, should you have any maintenance issues, please contact our office during working hours or by sending an email to info@mannsandmanns.co.uk. In the event it is a maintenance issue that needs to be resolved immediately to prevent damage or is causing you distress. You can call our office number after hours 02380 404055 to report the issue or private message Manns and Manns via face book.

In the event you smell gas in your property, please contact the national gas emergency helpline immediately. Tel: 0800 111 999.

Inspections & Visits During Your Tenancy

During a tenancy, under management with Manns and Manns we will inspect rented property on occasion. We will request access to visit tenant (s) at the property and will provide tenant (s) with at least 48 hours notice.

Manns and Manns have fully qualified and insured sub-contractors that carry out general maintenance and repairs. We may require access to a property to complete any necessary maintenance/work. We will provide tenants with at least 24 hours notice, unless we have otherwise agreed this with a tenant (s). Should a tenant prefer to be present at the time of a contractors visit, they must make our offices aware and we will endeavour to arrange this for you.

Relevant Letting Fees

As well as paying the rent, you may also be required to make the following permitted payments.

Permitted Payments

Before The Tenancy Starts ( Payable to Manns & Manns Ltd)

Holding Deposit: Equal to 1 weeks rent, unless otherwise stated.
Deposit: 5 weeks rent, if pets allowed one week’s rent in addition will be required. Unless otherwise stated.

During The Tenancy (Payable to the agent)

  • Payment of £48.00 inclusive of VAT if you want to change the tenancy agreement.
  • Payment of interest for the late payment of rent at a rate of 3% above base rate set by a clearing bank.
  • Payment of up to £75.00 plus VAT (£90 inclusive of VAT) for the reasonably incurred costs for the loss of keys/security devices.
  • Payment of any unpaid rent or other reasonable costs associated with your early termination of the tenancy.
  • If the tenant requests to terminate the tenancy early. The agent is entitled to charge an early termination fee. This will not exceed the financial loss that the landlord has suffered in permitting this, or reasonable costs that have been incurred by the agent in arranging for, the tenant (s) to leave early.
  • Early termination fee: In the event it is mutually agreed with the landlord to exit your tenancy before the end of a fixed term. The landlord may agree this can be arranged subject to a replacement tenant(s) being found. In this event you will be charged £500.00 plus VAT (£600 inclusive of VAT) to cover basic advertising and administration costs to the agent. However you will be liable for any rent to the landlord, until a new tenancy has commenced.

During The Tenancy (Payable to the provider) If Permitted And Applicable.

  • Utilities – gas, electricity, water
  • Communications – telephone and broadband
  • Installation of cable/satellite
  • Subscription to cable/satellite supplier
  • Television licence
  • Council Tax

Other Permitted Payments

Any other permitted payments, not included above, under the relevant legislation including contractual damages.

Tenant Protection Information

  • Manns and Manns is a member of the NAEA
  • Manns and Manns have property mark client money protection.
  • Manns and Manns is a member of the TPO (Property ombudsman), which is a redress scheme.
  • Manns and Manns are also members of the deposit protection service. ( DPS).

Tenancy Renewal

This is when a tenancy is coming to an end but you want to continue for a further fixed term, which has been agreed with your landlord/landlady. In this event we put will put a new tenancy agreement together, which is signed, dated and witnessed as your first tenancy agreement was. We will re reference you, before renewing. You do not need to pay for this, unless your tenancy commenced before the 1st of June 2019. After the 31st of May 2020 fees will also not apply, whether it is within your agreement or not.


At Manns and Manns we take our customer care and complaints seriously and will try to resolve any concerns as soon as we can for you. In the event you are not satisfied that a member of staff has dealt with your concerns or maintenance requests before, during or after a tenancy. Please inform the director of Manns and Manns about your complaint or grievance by emailing Helen@mannsandmanns.co.uk.

Manns and Manns have an in house complaints procedure we adhere to under the property ombudsman scheme. We will provide you with this, should you wish to make a formal complaint.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our lettings team on 02380 404055.

Client Money Protection


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